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 In the digital economy, how do we assess and accredit evidence of learning for graduate success? 

Helen Chen, Stanford University; Tracy Penny Light, Uni of WaterlooNancy Wozniak, Stony Brook

WHAT'S NEW: Digital credentialing: OLT Commissioned Grant

What’s the challenge? Higher education providers credential learning based on signals and codes such as marks, grades and credit. How might technologies enable additional methods, so that: students are encouraged to create and curate rich evidence of their learning; educators have richer ways to warrant and credential such evidence; and providers can test new business models associated with credentialling?This short video explains the concept:


Who’s in the project? Deakin University; Curtin University; International educator networks: Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC, US); Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL, US) and the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA, UK; Commercial and government agencies: Telstra, Cisco, Mozilla, Education Services Australia.

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This site connects educators engaging with the challenges of ensuring that graduates have the capabilities for employability and for life.

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