Digital credentialing: OLT Commissioned Grant

What’s the challenge? 

Higher education providers credential learning based on signals and codes such as marks, grades and credit. How might technologies enable additional methods, so that: students are encouraged to create and curate rich evidence of their learning; educators have richer ways to warrant and credential such evidence; and providers can test new business models associated with credentialling?


What will this project do? 


Australian educators with national and international networks of scholars in curation and credentialing learning evidence, and how such evidence might be carried forward in the learners lifespan (from K-12, VET, higher education and continuing professional development)


student, employer and provider perceptions of new credentialing tools; the implications for regulatory compliance; and analysis of emerging business models


case studies and good practice guides including enabling participation by students without easy access to broadband


online professional development where educators can experience curation and credentialing technologies

Host and webcast a national forum in Melbourne (13 November 2014) showcasing international and national thought leaders in digital curation and credentialing, and the business models that underpin their deployment


Who’s in the project?

  • Deakin University (Prof Beverley Oliver, lead; Kate Coleman, project manager) with Curtin University
  • International educator networks: Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC, US); Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL, US) and the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA, UK)
  • Telstra, Cisco, Mozilla, Education Services Australia.

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Short videos: "On the couch" conversations with our Symposium experts:

David Boud, Mantz Yorke, David Gibson, Helen Chen, Carla Casillia, Joy Higgs and many more...


And from colleagues at the University of Aberdeen, the Bringing Graduate Attributes to Life project features video clips that show how people understand graduate attributes.  Find out what students are learning about the attributes, how academics are helping them to develop them, and how they align with a range of employers’ key competencies. The videos are searchable based on the area of teachinglearning or employment, or you can search for videos that mention a particular attribute. 

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